• IKM Members are required to renew their membership annually.
  • Payment of retention fee must be made by 31st January of every year.
  • An additional processing fee of RM50 is imposed if the application for retention is received after that date.
  • The Benevolent Fund and Education Fund Levies are payable for the first 5 years only. The Benevolent Fund is to assist the dependent upon the death of a member. Members who have contributed to the Education Fund are eligible to apply for IKM Merit Award and Travel Grant.


We would like to draw your attention to Subrules 5(2) and 5(4) of the Chemists Rules 2024.


If the application for the retention of membership is made after 31st January of the said year, an additional processing fee of fifty ringgit (RM50) shall be imposed.


If no application for retention on the register is made by a member before 30th June of the year for which retention is due, his name shall be removed from the register and a fresh application must be made if he desires to be admitted again as a member of the Institute.

Note: Members can login to member’s login page to proceed with annual retention fee payment or download and fill up the IKM Membership retention form for renewal process. All payment should be made payable to: INSTITUT KIMIA MALAYSIA (RETENTION FEE) (PUBLIC BANK BHD A/C No.: 32071 37516). Please contact us to confirm or fax/email (retentionfee@ikm.org.my) your receipt/bank-in slip for our further action.