Membership of the Institute is open to all persons over 21 years old with a recognized pass or honours degree in chemistry or equivalent academics qualification in chemistry or a specialized discipline associated with chemistry and the requisite practical experience.

Membership of the Institute shall be one of three grades namely Fellow, Member and Licentiate are entitled to use the initials FMIC, MMIC or LMIC respectively after their names.

Fellow – FMIC
Member – MMIC
Licentiate – LMIC

Rule 6, Chemists Rules 2024 – Title of a member of the Institute
The member may use the abbreviated title “ChM” before his name.


IKM Final Examinations will be held in October/November yearly. The closing date to sit for the examination is 31 May or when all the places are filled up whichever is earlier. The application form, a copy of the examination syllabus and regulations can be obtained from the Institute.

The following persons are qualified to sit for the final examinations,

(a) graduates with a chemistry degree from a university not recognized by the Government;

(b) graduates with a degree in science and technology other than degree in chemistry; and

(c) person who possess Higher School Certificate or Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia or an equivalent qualifications with the condition chemistry as one of the subject and have attended a course recognized by the Institute.


Inspection of the registration of members [Rule 7, Chemists Rules 2024]

Registration of member maintained by the Registrar shall be available for inspection under subsection 15(2) of the Act upon payment of fee of fifty ringgit. Please submit the completed form with proof of payment to nor@ikm.org.my.

Membership Inspection Form