A group of young Malaysian chemists to promote and contribute towards chemistry and professionalism in Chemistry.

IKM members of 45 years of age or younger as at 1st January of the year

  • To represent the view of young Malaysian chemists on national and international issues.
  • To facilitate networking opportunities among young and senior chemists to exchange opinion, knowledge and experiences.
  • To engage young chemists to be involved in addressing national issues and policy using chemistry knowledge.
  • To promote public understanding and appreciation of chemistry to the general public and special interest groups such as politicians, entrepreneurs and decision makers
  • To promote career in chemistry as the choice for young people to ensure the scientific progress and sustainability in the country
  • To engage in projects on environmental issues and sustainable development goals 2030
  • Early career
  • Outreach to society
  • Contribute and influence the national science policy especially related to chemistry
  • Foster early career excellence for young chemists
  • Foster growth and mentorship in chemistry.
  • Strive for the highest quality in its activities.

Focus upon activities of concern to young chemists and where young chemists can contribute uniquely to addressing issues.

MYCN will be managed by an MYCN Committee comprising the following:

The MYCN Committee will be elected at the First Annual General Meeting of the MYCN membership and will serve for a period of three years. The Chairman will serve for a period of one term only.

Criteria for MYCN Membership include all of the following:

  1. Membership of MYCN is open to all IKM members of age 45 and below as at 1st January of the year of application.
  2. Those interested to join MYCN must submit an Application Form online.
  3. Approval of membership is by IKM Council
  • Increase networking and collaborations among young chemists and scientists of Malaysia and abroad
  • Able to play a role in shaping the future of science, and voice changes in the area of chemistry policies
  • Special rates for events organized by IKM
  • Priority to be appointed as editorial board members, reviewers and priority to publish in IKM publications

The call for IKM members to join the Malaysian Young Chemists Network (MYCN) is now open. Applications are sought from young chemists who have the passion for delivering impact in the field of chemistry. The call is open to all qualified IKM members.

Application is OPEN and the Application Form can be downloaded HERE.

Email the completed application form to siti@ikm.org.my