The functions of the Institute are as follows:

  • To determine the qualifications of persons for admission as members;
  • To provide for the training, education and examination by the Institute of persons intending to be members and to provide for the training and continuous professional development of members practising or intending to practise the profession of chemistry in Malaysia;
  • To regulate the practice, by members, of the profession of chemistry in Malaysia
  • To promote the importance of the profession of chemistry and also to increase public awareness and appreciation with regard to the field of chemistry;
  • To render such pecuniary or other assistance to members or their dependantsas as it thinks fit with a view to protecting or promoting their welfare;
  • To provide information and advice to members and the public on matters relating to chemistry;
  • To collaborate with other government agencies, national and international professional bodies, national and international scientific organizations and higher educational institutions on matters relating to chemistry;
  • To provide professional input, advice and consultation on national and global issues affecting the public by working closely with academia, other professional bodies and the industry;
  • To approve or refuse the granting of accreditation of chemistry and chemistry-related programs in public higher educational institutions and private higher educational institutions in Malaysia in accordance with the Malaysian Qualification Agency Act 2007 [Act 679];
  • To advise the Minister on matters relating to chemistry and chemistry profession; and
  • To promote advances in the field of chemistry and chemistry-related sciences and their applications.


The Institute carries out the whole range of professional, educational, social and promotional activities, including the following:

  • Membership Examinations
  • Chemistry Conferences including the International Congress on Pure & Applied Chemistry (ICPAC), Malaysian International Chemical Congress (MICC), Symposium on Best Practices & Innovations Laboratory Management (BPI-LAB), Seminars and Workshops
  • Professional Courses and Continuing Education Programmes
  • Chemistry Publications: Berita IKM – Chemistry in Malaysia, Malaysian Journal of Chemistry
  • Technical and Professional Visits, and Study Tours
  • Activities on Promoting Public Understanding and Appreciation of Chemistry including the Chemistry and Technology Information Series (CATIS) and Malaysia Chemistry Festival
  • Malaysian National Chemistry Quiz (K3M)
  • Social Functions including the annual Malam Kimia