Membership Renewal

1) IKM Members are required to renew their membership annually.
2) Payment of retention fee must be made before 1st January of every year.
3) A late fee of RM20 is payable if the application for retention is received after that date.
   • Retention Fee - RM100
   • Benevolent Fund Levy - RM20
   • Education Fund Levy - RM30
We would like to draw your attention to Rules 23(4) and 23(5) of the Chemists General Rules (1977). Rules 23(4)
A late fee of twenty Ringgit (RM20) shall be payable if the application for the retention is made after 1st January of the year.
RULES 23(5)
If no application for retention on the register is made by a member before 30th June of the year for which retention is due, his name shall be removed from the register and a fresh application must be made if he desires to be admitted again as a member of the Institute.
Note: Kindly download and fill up the IKM Membership retention form for renewal process.
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