Assessment of Water Quality in The University of The Gambia Environs for Environmental and Human Health

  • Aleš Král
  • Bubacarr Cham
  • Oladele Oyelakin
Keywords: Faraba Banta Campus; The Gambia; Brikama; water quality parameters; groundwater


The study deals with a limited look at thirteen water quality parameters.  They were measured in groundwater of Faraba Banta and some other areas of The Gambia.  The water quality parameters measured were: pH, conductivity, temperature, acidity, alkalinity, iron, nitrate, nitrite, sulphate, nitrogen in the form of ammonia, true colour, suspended solids, turbidity and in few select cases: iron, chromium, and copper.  On average, nearly all parameters conformed to World Health Organization, National Environment Agency (of The Gambia) (NEA), and the European Union standards. Final evaluation showed that with few exceptions, the groundwater is safe vis-a-vis environment and human health.  Copper and chromium were detected in an unexpected location.