Mission Statement

The Malaysian Journal of Chemistry (MJChem) is the flagship publication of the Malaysian Institute of Chemistry (also known as Institut Kimia Malaysia) which aims to provide a publishing platform for scientific research findings in the fields of chemistry and chemistry-related areas.


The Journal publishes articles on the following categories:

(i) Research Articles; (ii) Short Communications; (iii) Research Perspectives and (iv) Reviews.

Article contributions including but not limited to, the following topics will be considered for publication:

  • Analytical chemistry (Characterization and analysis)
  • Inorganic chemistry (Organometallic chemistry)
  • Materials chemistry (Solids, liquids, polymers)
  • Nuclear chemistry (Radioactivity, nuclear properties and processes, such as nuclear transmutation)
  • Organic chemistry (Structure, properties, composition, mechanisms and reactions of organic compounds)
  • Physical chemistry (Chemical thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, electrochemistry, statistical mechanics, spectroscopy and more recently astrochemistry)
  • Theoretical chemistry (Quantum mechanics, quantum chemistry, computational chemistry, computer programs)