Investigating High Ammonia NR Latex Concentrate Based Stationary Adhesive Formulation

  • M. Y. Norhanifah
  • A. B. Rohani
  • M. Asrul Asrul
  • M. Y. Amir Hashim Hashim
Keywords: Adhesives; natural rubber latex; peel strength; surface energy


The global adhesives market is estimated 14 million tonnes per year. Adhesives are widely used in many industrial sectors including paper and packaging,
construction, wood processing, transportation, shoes, and leather as well as consumer goods. A stationery adhesive is categorised as general contact adhesive
and fall under consumer goods sector. The properties of the stationery adhesive are scarce due to regulations concern on heavy metal transfer and medical health. In the present work, established high ammonia natural rubber latex (HA-NRL) based stationery adhesive formulation was used to investigate the peel strength of various types of backing papers on stainless steel and glass substrates. Results showed that the peel strength of HA-NRL adhesive was higher compared to those commercially available stationery adhesives when the A4 paper was used as backing on stainless steel. On the other hand, commercial stationery adhesives were unable to test on a glass substrate. The surface morphologies and surface energies of various backing papers were studied to correlate with the peel strength properties.