A New Synthetic Method for the Preparation of 5-Aryloxytetrazoles using Al2O3-SO3H as an Effective Heterogeneous Catalyst under Solvent-free Conditions

  • Ferydoon Khamooshi
  • Batool Haghighi Kekhaiye Jhaleh
Keywords: 5-Aryloxy tetrazoles, arylcyanates, guanyl azides, Al2O3-SO3H.


A simple and efficient method is described for the preparation of 5-aryloxy tetrazoles (3ah)in excellent yields and high purityfrom arylcyanates (1a-h)with usingAl2O3-SO3H as an effective heterogeneous catalyst. The rate of product formation was enhanced by introduction of electrondonating substituents. The 1H NMR spectral characterize are also discussed.