Plant Extracts: A Promising Source for the Green Synthesis of Copper Nanoparticles Towards Agriculture and Environmental Applications

  • Wan Hazman Danial International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Nurul Iman Aminudin International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Hanna Khaleeda Mohd Shukri International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Nur Aqilah Sarip International Islamic University Malaysia
Keywords: Plant extracts; copper nanoparticles; green synthesis; agriculture; environmental


Copper nanoparticles have received an immense interest from the scientific community due to their remarkable properties, thus offering various uses in a multitude of applications. Many works have been reported on nanoparticle production using numerous approaches. Despite various methods that can be used for copper nanoparticle preparation, green synthesis outweighs other techniques, as it is a simple, environmentally friendly yet adaptable approach. While some techniques suffer from hazardous environments, complicated procedures and equipment, and time-consuming, the usage of plant extracts is an alternative avenue to produce copper nanoparticles by adopting the green synthesis approach. The synthesis mechanisms and insights into various plant extracts are briefly discussed. Although there is a myriad range of copper nanoparticle applications, this review focuses on the potential of copper nanoparticles in agricultural and environmental applications.