Malaysian Journal of Chemistry, Vol. 18(2) 2016

Published by Institut Kimia Malaysia (Malaysian Institute of Chemistry): (e-ISSN 2550-1658)

Malaysian Journal of Chemistry, Vol. 18(2), 2016

Synthesis and Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Aromatic and Indole Glucosinolates                     69-81
Quan V. Vo and Tuan L. Nguyen
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Synthesis of Tetra(m-nitrophenyl)porphyrin as Sensing Material for Recognition of Lead(II) Ion  82-89
Rosliana Rusli, Salasiah Endud, Hendrik O. Lintang and Zainab Ramli
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Fast Synthesis of Metal-incorporated NKX-2 (MeNKX-2) Using Novel Ionic Liquid via
Ionothermal Approach                                                                                                                             90-99
Jia Pei Ghoy and Eng-Poh Ng
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Discovery of New Bioactive Secondary Metabolites from Psychrophilic Microorganisms
Mini Review                                                                                                                                              100-105
N. Wickneswary, Muntaz Abu Bakar and Rozida Khalid
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Magnetic Field Enhanced Electrocoagulation Using Iron Electrode in Removing Glyphosate
from Aqueous Solution                                                                                                                           106-117
Rabiatuladawiyah Danial, Chuah Teong Guan, Mohsen Nourouzi Mobarekeh, Shafreeza Sobri and Yvonne Koh Wei Ling
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Chemical Constituents from the Roots of Malayan Murraya Koenigii (Rutaceae)                            118-123
Adilah Shahidan, Kartini Ahmad, Mohd Azlan Nafiah, and Siow-Ping Tan
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