In-Situ Measurement of Selected Water Quality Parameters in Ringlet’s Lake, Cameron Highlands

  • Seh Datul Riduan
Keywords: water quality, parameters, Cameron Highland


Cameron Highland in Malaysia is famous as a high hill agro-tourism destination, as well as chief produces of vegetables and tea. The intensive agricultural activities and plantation in the area have attracted concerned and studies by many parties on the possible pollution effect as the consequence of such activities. Runoff from agriculture and residential sites find its way into the river and disturbed the water quality dramatically especially in the lake or catchment area. In the present study in-situ measurements of selected water quality parameters was carried out in Ringlet’s lake/dam, Cameron Highland. The measurements were carried out by using multi-probes instrument HYDROLAB series 4a from HACH Company Brand at 12
locations throughout the lake. The parameters measured were pH, DO, NH4 -, temperature, turbidity, chlorine and specific conductivity. The sampling point was determined by using Global Positioning System (GPS). All the results were plotted in histogram graph by making profile for water quality parameter across the lake. The study found that pH ranged from 7.12 – 7.69, DO from 2.5 – 5.48 mg/L, NH4 - ranged from 0.255 – 0.825 mg/L, temperature from 19.01 – 22.11 oC, turbidity from 72.8 – 1978 NTU, chlorine ranged 29.1 – 203.4 mg/L and Specific Conductivity ranged from 0.024 – 0.054 mS/cm respectively.