A Effect of 7-bromo Substituent on Solid-Phase Extraction of Molybdenum(VI) With Hydrophobic 8-Quinolinol Derivatives-Impregnated Resin from Strong Acid Solutions

  • Akira Ohashi


Solid-phase extraction (SPE) of molybdenum(VI) with hydrophobic 8-quinolinol derivatives (HQs)-impregnated resin from strong acid solutions has been investigated. The HQs used were 5-octyloxymethyl-8-quinolinol (HO8Q), 7-bromo-5-octyloxymethyl-8-quinolinol (HBrO8Q), and 7-bromo-5-dodecyloxymethyl-8-quinolinol (HBrO12Q). Various factors affecting the SPE behavior, such as the substituents of the HQs, acid concentration in the aqueous solution, the HQ concentration
in the resin, and the stirring time, were clarified. It was observed that the introduction of the bromogroup at the 7-position of HO8Q is very useful for the enhancement of the extractability for Mo(VI) from strong acid solutions. The reusability of the HBrO8Q-Resin for the SPE of Mo(VI) was also investigated. In three consecutive recycles, the HBrO8Q-Resin did not reduce the extractability for Mo(VI) at all.