Medals and Awards

1) Upon receiving the nomination(s), the Council shall establish a Panel of Assessors, no later than 31st August.
2) The Panel of Assessors shall comprise the President and six eminent members of the Institute. The President shall be   the chairperson of the Panel. The Panel shall convene a meeting with at least five assessors present.
3) In the event that the President is unable to be the Chairperson of the Panel, the Vice President, or the Registrar, or a Council Member appointed by the Council, will act as the Chairperson.
4) The Honorary Secretary of the Institute shall be the Secretary of the Panel but with no voting right.
5) In the event that the Honorary Secretary is a nominee, or a proposer or seconder of nomination, then the Honorary Assistant Secretary shall be the Secretary of the Panel.
6) Nominees and persons who propose and second nominations cannot be appointed as assessors.
7) The Panel shall assess the nominees and make specific clear-cut recommendations to the Council for the award of the Gold Medals no later than 30th September.
8) The decision of the Panel shall be by simple majority. In the event that there is a tie, the Chairperson shall have an additional casting vote.
9) If, in the opinion of the Panel, there is no suitable candidate for the Award, no award shall be made that

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