Invitation to submit nomination

1. Introduction
The annual Prize is intended to reward the best PhD student in the field of Polymer Science at a Malaysian Instituition of Higher Learning. The Prize will be awarded to the PhD student who has displayed an outstading ability across a range of criteria through his/her PhD thesis. The recipient will receive a cash prize and a certificate to be presented at the IKM's Annual Chemistry Night (Malam Kimia)

2. Prize Value: RM2,500

3. Nomination
The Prize will be opened to candidates who have received their PhD from Malaysian based Instituition. Self-nomination is acceptable. Nomination should consist of the following:

i)   Completed nomination form together with supporting documents;
ii)  A Statement of support (not more than 300 words) from the Nominator, or in the case of self-nomination, from the Nominee; and
iii)  A copy of the PhD certificate from the University (stating the date of award)

4. The prize will be judge by a panel of Judges based on the following criteria:
i) Confirmation of the award of PhD between 1st January and 31st December of the previous year from a Malaysian Instituition of Higher Learning (i.e. the prize to be awarded in 2018 will be based upon the nominee obtaining his/her PhD degree in 2017)
ii)  The PhD thesis topic must be related to Polymer/Macromolecular Science;
iii)  Evidence of transition to independence by the student in the PhD research programme;
iv)  The quality and quantity of publications/ outputs;